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V&A. British Design: 1948-2012. The Private View. 

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V&A. British Design: 1948-2012. The Private View


V&A. British Design: 1948-2012. The Private View

With Lord Richard Rogers providing an opening speech, and a guest-list including Sir Paul Smith, Stephen Bayley and Wendy Dagworthy, British Design 19482012: Innovation in the Modern Age was off to an exceptional start. V&A Channel spent some time at the opening and spoke to all of the aforementioned about what British design means to them.

V&A. British Design: 1948-2012: The Private View


V&A. Fashion in Motion: Oliver Saillard, behind the scenes

This film takes us backstage at Olivier Saillards Fashion in Motion show, and features short interviews with Saillard himself, and a number of the models he has collaborated with. In these interviews, the thinking and references behind the show are explained.

V&A Fashion in Motion: Oliver Saillard, behind the scenes


V&A. Golden Spider Silk Cape.

 Millions of spiders, thousands of hours and two golden garments these are the essential components of the V&A display, Golden Spider Silk. In this film, the two men behind the display, Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley, explain the how they ended up creating the largest piece of spider silk cloth in the world.

V&A. Golden Spider Silk Cape.




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